Postdoctoral Fellow in cosmology at Nordita: Exploring the dark sector with new microphysics in the early Universe

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Postdoctoral Fellow in cosmology at Nordita: Exploring the dark sector with new microphysics in the early Universe

Post by Florian J Niedermann » November 30 2022

Job description:
Nordita, the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship stipend associated with the research program funded by Swedish Research Council Starting Grant "Exploring the dark sector with new microphysics in the early Universe" of Nordita Assistant Professor Dr. Florian Niedermann.

Project description
The research program is focused on exploring the microphysics of the dark sector in terms of new physics around the eV scale with applications to very recent phenomenological problems, such as the Hubble tension or the large-scale structure (S8) tension, as well as longstanding particle physics challenges, such as the neutrino mass problem or the cosmological constant problem. In particular, the project involves the theoretical and/or phenomenological study of low-energy phase transitions as recently proposed in the new early dark energy framework.
The subject assumes close interaction with Nordita's high-energy physics and cosmology group as well as possible broader collaborations with Nordita’s astrophysics group and the cosmology/gravity and theory groups at Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Qualification requirements
Postdoctoral positions are appointed primarily for purposes of research. Applicants are expected to hold a Swedish doctoral degree or an equivalent degree from another country.

Assessment criteria
The successful candidate should hold a PhD in theoretical physics with adequate expertise in theoretical or phenomenological cosmology and effective field theory. The degree should have been completed no more than three years before the deadline for applications. An older degree may be acceptable under special circumstances, which may involve sick leave, parental leave, clinical attachment, elected positions in trade unions, or similar.
In the appointment process, special attention will be given to a research record in cosmological model building, effective field theory, physics of first-order phase transitions, cosmological parameter extraction, CMB phenomenology, and fluid dynamics.
Nordita strives to be a workplace that is free from discrimination and provides equal opportunities for everyone. Nordita strongly encourages applications from those whose backgrounds are currently underrepresented in theoretical physics.

Terms of employment
The position involves full-time employment for two years, starting in fall 2023 or some other date to be agreed upon.

The deadline for applications is 12 December 2022.
Only online applications will be accepted. The application procedure is posted on

Further information about the position can be obtained from Assistant Professor Dr. Florian Niedermann, Nordita, [Log in to view email]

Nordita was founded in 1957 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was relocated to the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm in January 2007 where it is jointly hosted by Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Research at Nordita covers a wide range of modern theoretical physics including astrophysics, biological physics, condensed matter physics, gravitation, cosmology and astroparticle physics, high-energy physics, quantum information, and statistical physics/complex systems. The research activity of the local academic staff is supplemented by Nordita Scientific Programs, which bring together groups of leading experts to work on specific topics for extended periods. There is also ample opportunity for collaboration with faculty and research staff at local universities.

Further information about Nordita can be found at
Contact: Niedermann, Florian ([Log in to view email])
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