Postdoctoral Position in Cosmology

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Yashar Akrami
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Postdoctoral Position in Cosmology

Post by Yashar Akrami » November 23 2022

The Institute for Theoretical Physics (IFT-UAM/CSIC; in Madrid, Spain, anticipates offering a postdoctoral position open to cosmologists working on the intersection between theory, observation and high-performance computing.

Applicants must hold a PhD in physics or astrophysics. The initial appointment is for two years, renewable for an additional year, contingent upon performance and availability of funds. The position is expected to start any time between May 1 and October 1, 2023 (earlier/later start dates may be negotiated). Applications should be submitted through the IFT’s general application portal [Log in to view email].

The IFT is a world-class institute in theoretical physics and one of the best in Europe. It is a recipient of the prestigious Severo Ochoa excellence award, offers a vibrant atmosphere for interacting with a wide range of internationally recognised experts in different areas of theoretical physics, is located in a modern building featuring world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, and has an extensive program for scientific visits and international workshops. Information about research at the IFT and other details can be found at

The successful applicant is likely to be interested in searches for new physics beyond the standard model of cosmology, large-scale cosmic anomalies and observational tensions, and statistical inference and high-performance computing techniques in cosmology. Candidates with expertise in Machine Learning and/or other advanced numerical techniques are particularly encouraged to apply. The successful applicant will join a newly formed and growing international collaboration currently led by researchers at the IFT, Case Western Reserve University (USA), Imperial College London (UK) and the University of Pittsburgh (USA), and will be expected to frequently visit these and a number of other institutions in Europe, the UK and North America. The position will also provide the selected candidate with the opportunity of joining and/or collaborating with members of a large number of current and upcoming cosmological surveys, such as DES, Euclid, DESI, LSST, SKAO, LiteBIRD, CMB-S4, Simons Observatory, and LISA, through the cosmology group of the IFT and its national and international collaborators. The interests of the IFT cosmology group cover a wide range of topics including physics of the early Universe, dark energy, dark matter, cosmic topology, cosmological tests of gravity, cosmic microwave background, cosmic large-scale structure, gravitational waves, statistical data analysis, and advanced numerical techniques. The successful applicant will additionally have the opportunity of interacting and collaborating with IFT researchers interested in a number of other topics in theoretical physics in which the IFT is strongly involved; these include theoretical high energy physics and string theory, particle physics phenomenology, astroparticle physics, gravitation, lattice and quantum field theory, and quantum information theory.

The IFT is committed to equal opportunity and diversity. Women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and individuals with traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds or disabilities are particularly encouraged to apply.

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