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BibTex tool

Posted: August 24 2006
by CoffeePot
There's a new CosmoCoffee page to get BibTex from an arxiv reference, see

(linked in the page header). This gets SPIRES and ADS bibtex, and if the SPIRES data is incomplete combines them into an optimal combination (friendly SPIRES tag, publishing info from ADS). The script is also linked from Arxiv New and paper pages.

BibTex tool

Posted: March 02 2007
by Anze Slosar
BibTex tool is just fantastic.

However, when creating "best" entry, could you also use authors field from ADS? The reason is that e.g. MNRAS requires all authors if 8 or fewer, but SPIRES says "Author, First and others" instead of listing them all at some number of authors less than 8. Besides it makes searching for first author easy using "{{". However, keep spires reference name tags as they are the same before and after publication, which makes updating old papers much easier...