Unfiltered arxiv listing

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David Parkinson
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Unfiltered arxiv listing

Post by David Parkinson » January 12 2012

Supposed you wanted to use cosmocoffee for Journal clubs, bookmarking etc, but didn't want to look at the filtered arxiv, but the complete daily list. Is there a way to do that? At the moment, if you simply remove all the search terms from the 'Arxiv New search key strings' of your profile, and then try to save, it automatically refills it with the default set.

Antony Lewis
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Unfiltered arxiv listing

Post by Antony Lewis » January 12 2012

I think you can use an always-matching regex like ^, though they might come out in a different order (may be a good thing to prevent bias towards papers by the the dozen people a day who submit in the first 10 seconds after the submission deadline).

We should add support for subclass filter at some point.

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