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extra new logo?

Posted: December 09 2004
by Adam Amara
Ok so this is going to sound really stupid. But here goes.

When I look though the list of papers being discussed there is an over whelming amount of CMB papers. And it’s a self sustaining thing right, the more CMB papers that get discussed the more CMB experts keep coming back so the more these papers get discussed.

One thing you could do, which sounds stupid but I bet will make a big difference, is to add another picture to the header of the site. On the left we currently have a CMB pic with a cup of coffee. How about a galaxy cluster, or a lens with a cup of tea on the right hand side?

It doesn’t sound like much but I bet this tiny little thing would make a difference.


extra new logo?

Posted: December 15 2004
by Guest
Someone told me that the coffee logo seems related to CERN. Is it?


extra new logo?

Posted: December 16 2004
by CoffeePot
It is a just compilation of images, as described here:

erm, was not aware of any connection to CERN..! Would you like elaborate?

If anyone manages to produce a nice new image with a galaxy cluster lensing a cup of tea or other(!) then I can't see why this couldn't be incorporated/ used instead! (maybe it should also include something more theoretical - an inflaton potential, string landscape...??)