[astro-ph/0512614] The Possibility of Curved Spacetime, Black Holes, and Big Bang is Less than One Billionth

Authors:  Jin He
Abstract:  Gravity whose nature is fundamental to the understanding of solar system, galaxies and the structure and evolution of the Universe, is theorized by the assumption of curved spacetime, according to Einstein`s general theory of relativity (EGR). Particles move on curved spacetime along straight lines (geodesics). In the last year, I proposed the mirrored version of EGR, the flat-spacetime general relativity (FGR), in which particles move along curved lines on flat spacetime. This puts gravitational study back to the traditional Lagrangian formulation. The Lagragian on flat spacetime is simply taken to be the curved spacetime metric of EGR. In fact, all claimed accurate verification of general relativity is the verification of FGR, because people when confronting GR to observational data, calculate time, distance, or angle by directly using the coordinates in Schwarzschild solution or in post Newtonian formulation. For example, two famous tests of general relativity are about angles. People calculate the angles by directly using the coordinate $\phi$. However, only when spacetime is flat does there exists one coordinate system which has direct meaning of time, distance, angle, and vice verse. This is the famous Riemann theorem. According to the theorem, all coordinates on a curved space are merely parameters. Real angles and distances have to be calculated by employing coefficients of the spatial metric. Therefore, the more claims are made that classical tests of general relativity fits data with great accuracy, the more falsified is the curved-spacetime assumption. That is, the claim is specious to EGR. People made three specious claims to EGR as collected in the present paper. An experiment is proposed whose results will completely decide the fate of curved spacetime assumption.
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[astro-ph/0512614] The Possibility of Curved Spacetime, Blac

Post by Xiao Yang » November 17 2006

The calculation of the probability is correct because the author solves all problems in solar system, in galaxies, in the universe on the whole, and in quantum gravity consistently on the same basic principle.

For example, 5 rooms (galaxy, universe, etc.) each room with one red rose and 99 white. The author found out all 5 red ones, no man-made painting red.

The establishment is always painting rose red. For example, it assumed that the universe be decelerating. In year 2003, observation showed it is accelerating. The establishment paints rose red: there is dark energy which results in accelerating universe! More explanation of this given as follows:

One side of Einstein field equation is spacetime curvature and the other side is mass energy tensor, which is based on the phenomenon of attractive two-body problem.
Galaxies have no such phenomenon and relativists have dark matters to fit in.
People find that the proportional coefficients between redshift and distance increase with the age of the universe, which indicates that, according to the dogmatic Doppler redshift explanation, the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Relativists feel panic, because Einstein equation needs the phenomenon of atractive two-bodies and the universe would be decelerating due to attraction. Therefore, they have dark energy which counteracts the attraction. Interesting!

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