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[astro-ph/0605302] The Clustering of Luminous Red Galaxies i

Posted: July 12 2006
by Antony Lewis
This seems to be a nice paper looking at the power spectrum from SDSS LRGs.

As discussed, the large scale power spectra are quite sensitive to redshift-space distortions. I am a little confused about the different theoretical curves in the plots which seem to show different behaviour at low L. As I understand it the highest curves in Fig. 10 include the redshift distortions; they are nearly flat in L. Since this is what is observed, why are the theory curves in Fig 12 instead dipping at low L? Is there something different here, or does Fig 12 not include redshift distortions?

Also what is the difference between these theory curves and the theory curve in Fig 11 (which monotonically increases to low L)?