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Posting guidelines

Post by CoffeePot » September 24 2004

Posting subjects should be just the archive number.
For example: "astro-ph/0305545"
or : "0705.2462"

The full title and other information will then be extracted automatically.

Postings related to a previous message should be replies to the original message.

There's no need to explicitly set arxiv references or URLs to web links in your message, that is done automatically. For example refer to "1234.5678" or "astro-ph/xxxxxx" rather than "http://yyyy/abs/astro-ph/xxxx".
Comments, criticism and questions are all appropriate. "cite me"-emails and abusive rants are not. Also "Please comment on my paper" requests are not generally encouraged. The administrators can delete any offending messages and the sender's account may be disabled.

Only registered users may post messages.

Suggestions for new forums, enhancements etc should be discussed in the Management - CosmoCoffee forum.