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[astro-ph/0511628] Recent Supernovae Ia observations tend to

Posted: November 22 2006
by John Middleditch
Further re: SN-less GRB:
One degree off axis at 24-light days gives a delay near 200 s. For
a SN-less long-duration/soft spectrum GRB, there has to be
just enough polar overlayer to soften its spectrum (as all GRBs must
start as hard/short), but not enough produce much 56Ni by
burn around the non-polar regions. This is an important clue
about a mechanism we'll be spending the first half of this
century unravelling. Would be too much to ask that an NS-NS
merger produced a long/soft GRB!

Re: rotation in SN Ia 2003fg suggested by Howell to avoid DD
hypothesis: desperation.

Re: [astro-ph/0511628] Recent Supernovae Ia observations ten

Posted: November 29 2006
by Ned Wright
R G Vishwakarma wrote:However, taken at their face values, the only apparent prediction of the WMAP observations is a flat geometry
The CMB does not say the geometry is flat. It says ell_{pk} is 220, and it gives \omega_b and \omega_m (=\Omega_m*h^2), the index n_s, the optical depth and the amplitude. Omega_m = 1.3, Omega_DE = 0 (and H_o = 32) is quite consistent with the CMB.