[astro-ph/0509611] Evidence for a Non-Expanding Universe: Surface Brightness Data From HUDF

Authors:  Eric J. Lerner (Lawrenceville Plasma Physics)
Abstract:  Surface brightness data can distinguish between a Friedman-Robertson-Walker expanding universe and a non-expanding universe. For surface brightness measured in AB magnitudes per angular area, all FRW models, regardless of cosmological parameters, predict that surface brightness declines with redshift as (z+1)^-3, while any non-expanding model predicts that surface brightness is constant with distance and thus with z. High-z UV surface brightness data for galaxies from the Hubble Ultra Deep Field and low-z data from GALEX are used to test the predictions of these two models up to z=6. A preliminary analysis presented here of samples observed at the same at-galaxy wavelengths in the UV shows that surface brightness is constant, mu=kz^0.026+-0.15, consistent with the non-expanding model. This relationship holds if distance is linearly proportional to z at all redshifts, but seems insensitive to the particular choice of d-z relationship. Attempts to reconcile the data with FRW predictions by assuming that high-z galaxies have intrinsically higher surface brightness than low-z galaxies appear to face insurmountable problems. The intrinsic FUV surface brightness required by the FRW models for high-z galaxies exceeds the maximum FUV surface brightness of any low-z galaxy by as much as a factor of 40. Dust absorption appears to make such extremely high intrinsic FUV surface brightness physically impossible. If confirmed by further analysis, the impossibility of such high-surface-brightness galaxies would rule out all FRW expanding universe (big bang) models.
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[astro-ph/0509611] Evidence for a Non-Expanding Universe: Su

Post by Garth Antony Barber » September 22 2005


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[astro-ph/0509611] Evidence for a Non-Expanding Universe: Su

Post by Kate Land » September 22 2005

Looks like this observation could be related to that of another paper out today:

Title: A large population of galaxies 9 to 12 billion years back in the history of the Universe
Authors: O. Le Fevre, S. Paltani, S. Arnouts, S. Charlot, S. Foucaud, O. Ilbert, H. J. McCracken, G. Zamorani, the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey team

They also observe an excess brightness at high-z (though with a different data set - VLT). They confront galaxy formation models, and say we need a model that can produce more galaxies with more stars at these reshifts, z~4.

Lerner takes a different approach, and thinks the evidence is stronger for abandoning the expansion of the universe. His results come from HST at high-z.

2 different ways of explaining the same observation?

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