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Shaun Hotchkiss
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Post by Shaun Hotchkiss » July 20 2020

This is a great paper with the final cosmology results from eBOSS.

People might be interested in the Cosmology Talks interview Eva-Maria Mueller gave summarising the results at a technical level here (equivalent to a departmental seminar).

It seems that when the supernovae aren't anchored to a local distance measurement the combined data of eBOSS-BAO, CMB, and supernovae prefer dark energy that is very close to a cosmological constant. Of course, when the supernovae are anchored to Cepheids we get the H0 tension so LCDM isn't winning every battle. However, if H0 is indicating new physics, the results here indicate there are probably some places not to look (i.e. I guess it is very unlikely to be some dynamical late universe effect deviating from w=-1).

Via redshift space distortions there are also interesting results on sigma8 (in short, eBOSS is consistent with both weak lensing and CMB) and the sum of neutrino masses (in short, no detection but the inverted mass hierarchy is now in very mild tension with the data).

The video (and paper of course) go into more detail...

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