[astro-ph/0507494] A Measurement of the Angular Power Spectrum of the CMB Temperature Anisotropy from the 2003 Flight of Boomerang

Authors:  W. C. Jones, P Ade, J Bock, J Bond, J Borrill, A Boscaleri, P Cabella, C Contaldi, B Crill, P de Bernardis, G De Gasperis, A de Oliveira-Costa, G De Troia, G Di Stefano, E Hivon, A Jaffe, T Kisner, A Lange, C MacTavish, S Masi, P Mausk
Abstract:  We report on observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) obtained during the January 2003 flight of Boomerang . These results are derived from 195 hours of observation with four 145 GHz Polarization Sensitive Bolometer (PSB) pairs, identical in design to the four 143 GHz Planck HFI polarized pixels. The data include 75 hours of observations distributed over 1.84% of the sky with an additional 120 hours concentrated on the central portion of the field, itself representing 0.22% of the full sky. From these data we derive an estimate of the angular power spectrum of temperature fluctuations of the CMB in 24 bands over the multipole range (50 < l < 1500). A series of features, consistent with those expected from acoustic oscillations in the primordial photon-baryon fluid, are clearly evident in the power spectrum, as is the exponential damping of power on scales smaller than the photon mean free path at the epoch of last scattering (l > 900). As a consistency check, the collaboration has performed two fully independent analyses of the time ordered data, which are found to be in excellent agreement.
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Alessandro Melchiorri
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[astro-ph/0507494] A Measurement of the Angular Power Spectr

Post by Alessandro Melchiorri » July 22 2005

Hi all,

Just to tell you that the new boomerang data is out. I have put on my site http://freya.phys.uniroma1.it (sorry for the propaganda :-)) links to the publications, boom web sites and data.


Bo Feng
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[astro-ph/0507494] A Measurement of the Angular Power Spectr

Post by Bo Feng » July 22 2005

I am wondering whether the team would win Nobel Prize if BB has been detected:)

Bo Feng

William Jones
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Re: [astro-ph/0507494] A Measurement of the Angular Power Sp

Post by William Jones » July 23 2005

Bo Feng wrote:I am wondering whether the team would win Nobel Prize if BB has been detected:)

Bo Feng
No need to worry there. Perhaps if our balloon hadn't fallen out of the sky... :\

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