[astro-ph/0503296] Photon energy upshift by gravitational waves from a compact source

Authors:  Charles H.-T. Wang, J. Tito Mendonca, Robert Bingham
Abstract:  We consider the propagation of light from an isolated source that also emits gravitational waves. The eikonal approach is employed to determine the transfer of energy from the gravitational to electromagnetic radiation. A mechanism is found in which a photon "surfs" on the gravitational wave. For black hole events, a significant upshift of photon energy can occur according to a power-law buildup over the radial distance. This surprising effect may be responsible for some of the unexplained high energy phenomena in the cosmos involving gamma rays or other astro-particles.
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[astro-ph/0503296] Photon energy upshift by gravitational wa

Post by Zhao Wen » May 27 2005

1) he says: "The arguement -L0 in (16) counts for the retarted time required for GW to reach x=L0 at t=0 from the centre of the source where x=0.",when he illuminated your figure. From this saying, I feel that the GW travel with x-axes. But we all know that GW is a kind of transverse wave, when is travel with x-axex, h_{xx} and \partial_{x} h_{xx} are all zero. So I can understant the figure of h_{xx} and etal.

2) In his discussion, when a photon from a source can get energy when it travel,I think this energy should come from GW in my understanting. It also say the GW may transfer most of it energy to photon, so we should not detect it from LISA,LIGO and etal.

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