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[1009.0273] Spatial and temporal tuning in void models for

Posted: September 03 2010
by Maciej Bilicki
This paper seems to put inhomogeneous models with a giant void around us into more trouble. Although the constraint on our position with respect to the center of the void is slightly loosened, but first of all the authors rule out other large voids within the observational volume and secondly, point out that our position would have to be fine-tuned to 1:10^8 at early times. What is more, it is argued that the fine tuning applies also to the time of observation, at least not worse than within \Lambda{}CDM and its issue that \Omega_m\simeq\Omega_\Lambda only today.
It is however mentioned at the end that maybe a more sophisticated inhomogeneous model, beyond the spherical LTB, is needed. Still, it is claimed, void models would continue to face obstacles, such as some constraints from the CMB.