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[1005.1649] Infrared effects in inflationary correlation fu

Posted: May 21 2010
by Syksy Rasanen
This is a review of the fascinating topic of infrared divergences in inflation, on which there has recently been a lot of work. Particularly interesting was the suggestion to use the operator product expansion formalism of Hollands and Wald (0803.2003 and 0805.3419) to settle the issue of renormalisation of inflationary perturbations raised by Agullo et al (0901.0439, 1005.2727).

It would have been nice if the paper had also discussed the interesting work by Tsamis and Woodard on cancelling the effect of a cosmological constant by the backreaction produces infrared gravitons, which combines a possible solution to the cosmological constant problem with a simple inflationary scenario (hep-ph/9602315, hep-ph/9602316, astro-ph/9803172).