[0911.4063] New evidence for lack of CMB power on large scales

Authors:  Hao Liu, Ti-Pei Li
Abstract:  A digitalized temperature map is recovered from the first light sky survey image published by the Planck team, from which an angular power spectrum is derived. The amplitudes of the low multipoles measured from the preliminary Planck power spectrum are significantly lower than that reported by the WMAP team. Possible systematical effects are far from enough to explain the observed low-l differences.
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[0911.4063] New evidence for lack of CMB power on large sca

Post by Richard Lieu » November 28 2009

Any comments on this `sneak peek' of the CMB sky according to Planck? It seems to be an extension of Keith Cover's 0910.5102, and it is also linked to 0907.2731 by the same authors.

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