[0901.1219] Comment on the claimed radial BAO detection by Gaztanaga et al

Authors:  Jordi Miralda-Escude
Abstract:  Gaztanaga et al. have recently claimed to measure the Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) scale in the radial direction from the publicly available SDSS DR6 data. They focus on the correlation function of Luminous Red Galaxies (LRG) close to the line-of-sight direction to find a feature that they identify as the BAO peak, arguing that a magnification bias effect from gravitational lensing increases the amplitude of the BAO peak, facilitating its detection. In this Comment, we clarify that lensing has a negligible impact on the measurement of the BAO peak, and that the interpretation by Gaztanaga et al. is incorrect. The feature they identify in the LRG correlation function near the line-of-sight cannot be explained by any known physical effect and is in fact consistent with noise.
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Syksy Rasanen
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[0901.1219] Comment on the claimed radial BAO detection by

Post by Syksy Rasanen » January 26 2009

In 0807.3551, Gaztanaga, Cabre and Hui reported to have detected the baryon acoustic peak from the radial data alone, and used it to determine the Hubble parameter as a function of redshift. This would be very interesting, as the H(z) data is independent of distance measurements.

However, in this paper, the author claims that the claimed detection is just noise. Can somebody knowledgeable about the matter clarify this?

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