TeVeS and MOND

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TeVeS and MOND are they ruled from observations ?

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Alessandro Melchiorri
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TeVeS and MOND

Post by Alessandro Melchiorri » February 18 2007

Dear all,

I like to start a discussion on TeVeS, a relativistic theory of modified gravity recently proposed by Bekenstein. The tensor field in Einstein's theory of gravity is replaced by a scalar, a vector, and a tensor field which interact in such a way to give Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) in the weak-field non-relativistic limit.

According to two recent papers astro-ph/0505519 and astro-ph/0608602 one can have a viable structure formation model in TeVeS and reproduce matter clustering and CMB peaks fairly well.
But can you reproduce both at the same time ? i.e. can you mimic -or be nearly degenerate to- a Lambda-CDM model ?

There is also one point I don't understand. TeVeS agrees with WMAP, clusters and lensing if one admit a neutrino mass of 2-3 eV, barely excluded by current beta decay measurements.
On the other hand, the model has been introduced to explain galaxy rotation curves with just baryonic matter and MOND.
But if you have a neutrino of mass of 2-3 eV you already have Omega_m=0.2 and you can explain the dark halo around galaxies
without MOND

What is your opinion ? is this model already ruled out ?
Can TeVeS reveal deep connections between dark energy and dark matter ? or it is just too baroque ?


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