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LCDM + r with Planck data

Posted: September 06 2022
by Shahbaz Alvi
I am working with the Planck 2018 data ('Planck_highl_TTTEEE', 'Planck_lowl_EE', 'Planck_lowl_TT', 'Planck_lensing') in the LCDM + r model with CLASS. I have sigma8 and H0 in the list of derived parameters. At the end of my MCMC, my posteriors for the LCDM parameters are generally shifted (less than 0.4-sigma) with respect to Planck results. Moreover, I see a large bias between sigma8 (approx 2-sigma) and H0 (approx 1.4-sigma). I am using the standard Planck settings (with one massive neutrino and two massless). All the while, in LCDM I get very good agreement between my posterior and the Planck results. So this phenomenon appears to only happen in LCDM + r.

Has anyone encountered anything like this?

Edit September 10 2022: I am attaching some plots to give an visual on the situation.
LCDM + r
LCDM_HighTTTEEE_LowTTEE_Lens_PlanckResults_MontePython_FullTri_HF.png (269.74 KiB) Viewed 43 times
The attachment LCDM_HighTTTEEE_LowTTEE_Lens_PlanckResults_MontePython_FullTri_HF.png is no longer available

Re: LCDM + r with Planck data

Posted: September 13 2022
by Shahbaz Alvi
Hi all,

Please ignore this problem. I had mistakenly set the neutrino mass to a different number. Everything is in agreement now. Here is the plot for reference and good luck! :D
rLCDM_HighTTTEEE_LowTTEE_Lens_PlanckResults_MontePython_FullTri_HF.png (276.94 KiB) Viewed 41 times