[0812.1205] Dark torsion as the cosmic speed-up

Authors:  Gabriel Bengochea, Rafael Ferraro
Abstract:  It is shown that the recently detected acceleration of the universe can be understood by considering a modification of the teleparallel equivalent of General Relativity (TEGR), with no need of dark energy. The solution also exhibits phases dominated by matter and radiation as expected in the standard cosmological evolution. We perform a joint analysis with measurements of the most recent type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO) peak and estimates of the CMB shift parameter data to constraint the only new parameter this theory has.
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Gabriel Bengochea
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[0812.1205] Dark torsion as the cosmic speed-up

Post by Gabriel Bengochea » May 21 2010

In this work, we have started studying a new sort of modified gravity theories, called f(T) theories.

In a recent paper, 1008.3188 (Phys. Lett. B 695, 2011, 405) I have updated the observational constraints adding new data sets and performing a deeper analysis. I also showed some interesting features when Observational Hubble Data are included.

For details, please see the articles in the arXiv site.
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