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question on forecasts of dark energy constraints from BAO

Posted: March 22 2010
by Ruth Lazkoz

Does Fig. 5 In Blake and Glazebrook (astro-ph/0301632) give a good description of future bao constraints (fractional errors) on the line-of-sight and transverse comoving distances (D_A/s and sH)?

There seems to be a good concordance with the Seo and Eisenstein prediction for D_A/s as seen on ... =migration but for the radial distance the behaviour looks rather different as there seems to be a noticeable local minimum at z<1 n the Blake and Glazebrook prediction which does not show up in Seo and Eisenstein.

I have produced my naïve many-body simulations to get future bao forecasts
and I agree fairly well with the two Blake and Glazebrook figures.

Hope someone with more expertise can think about this question for 10 min and give me a hint.


Ruth Lazkoz