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Physics Comments

Posted: December 07 2004
by Sarah Bridle
Not sure yet how this new site does or doesn't fit in with CosmoCoffee. Would be good to understand the pros and cons of each system.

Physics Comments

Posted: December 08 2004
by Antonio C. C. Guimaraes
Apart from the format and technical resources, the Physics Comments and also the MathSciNet ( ) seem to be a little bit more formal and ambitious than the CosmoCoffe, aiming to provide public peer-review of papers.

Physics Comments

Posted: December 08 2004
by Alejandro Rivero
But the fact is that the cosmocoffee is also providing an opportunity to review arxiv papers, only that more focused.

(Hi, I am the PhysComments admin. Sarah has been kind to point me this site.)

In fact this phpBB interface is the first one I dreamed about; but when I saw the internal code of the board... I decided to try a different thing, under Drupal.

I have been thinking about both approaches. The CosmoCoffe idea seems very good to go into focused, monitored discussion. PhysComments can provide a kind of hub for "Cafes" and at the same time it is able to keep itself any review/discussion process not lodged in a concrete cafe. Also I have incorporated an alert system which can tell a user when some concrete paper is quoted in the new preprints; this alert does not imply that the subsequente discussion -if any- will go to PhysComments; for instance I could redirect here any astro-ph review.

Re: Physics Comments

Posted: September 03 2005
by Antony Lewis
Another nice site with new papers and comments specific to astrophysical hydrodynamic and MHD research is