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Perturbation evolution

Posted: February 27 2009
by Antony Lewis
In case of use to anyone, I made a couple of movies of the linear transfer function evolution from high to low redshift:

Adiabatic mode:

CDM Isocurvature mode:

Red photons, Blue CDM, Green Baryons, all synchronous gauge, initial conditions are unit comoving curvature perturbation and unit CDM density perturbation respectively. For adiabtic I plotted the absolute value, for isocurvature negative are dashed.

Re: Perturbation evolution

Posted: March 15 2011
by Antony Lewis
I've also made a bunch of real-space evolution animations, linked from my early universe course page

There is also an animation showing the spherical harmonic decomposition of the earth (inspired by Matthias Bartelmann)