A Mathematica Interface for CAMB

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Savvas Nesseris
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A Mathematica Interface for CAMB

Post by Savvas Nesseris » October 04 2007

We present a Mathematica Interface for CAMB (based on September 2006 version).

It allows the user to specify any two-parameter ansatz for the Dark Energy equation of state w(a) and calculates the TT CMB power spectrum in real time.

This means that in order to use another w(a) ansatz there is no need to recompile any code! Just change w(a) and hit Enter!

The requirements for using the code is only Mathematica v5.2+.

Future improvements will also include the choice to give a potential [tex]V(\phi) [/tex] (Quintessence) besides w(a) and calculate the power spectra in real time for any Quintessence potential!

For downloading, documentation and other details see


Please note that the Interface is under constant improvement, so remember to check back often.

Savas Nesseris


Leandros Perivolaropoulos

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