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CosmoMC: list directed read problems in driver.F90 on AMD se

Posted: February 27 2006
by Jeremy Yates
Hi, I am trying to port cosmomc to an amd server that runs pgf90 and its mpi variant mpif90

The error message is very clear and a perusal of the source code makes it clear why it
mpirun -np 1 ./cosmomc params.ini
PGFIO-F-231/list-directed read/internal file/error on data conversion.
In source file driver.F90, at line number 42

numstr = GetParam(2)
if (numstr /= '') then
read(numstr,*) instance ---- DIES HERE
rand_inst = instance

I tried using the -Mfree, -Mfreeform and even -Mpreprocess to get round this, but the code can't get past this. Any suggestions? I am loathe to fix the format.