Modifying Friedmann equations in CAMB

Use of Cobaya. camb, CLASS, cosmomc, compilers, etc.
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John Wick
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Modifying Friedmann equations in CAMB

Post by John Wick » April 29 2023

Hi all

I have a set of modified Friedmann equations and I would like to modify camb code to implement those modification and then use cobaya to constrain the parameters. Where can I add the modification to Friedmann equations in camb code. It would be great if somebody can help me with this.

Antony Lewis
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Re: Modifying Friedmann equations in CAMB

Post by Antony Lewis » May 05 2023

Modify the functions in equations.f90.

Of course, if you only modify the background equations you cannot get consistent results for perturbations, only simple background things like H(z).

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