dverk -3 error

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Sunanda Dey
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dverk -3 error

Post by Sunanda Dey » February 26 2023

Hi, I have modified the definition of adotoa in the equation.f90 module. After modification, I am getting this error when I try results = camb.get_results(pars)

CAMBError Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[10], line 1
----> 1 results = camb.get_results(pars)

File ~/CAMB/camb/camb.py:35, in get_results(params)
33 if _debug_params:
34 print(params)
---> 35 res.calc_power_spectra(params)
36 return res

File ~/CAMB/camb/results.py:333, in CAMBdata.calc_power_spectra(self, params)
326 """
327 Calculates transfer functions and power spectra.
329: param params: optional:class:~.model.CAMBparams instance with parameters to use
331 """
332 if params is not None:
--> 333 self.calc_transfers(params, only_transfers=False)
334 else:
335 self._check_powers()

File ~/CAMB/camb/results.py:315, in CAMBdata.calc_transfers(self, params, only_transfers, only_time_sources)
312 self._check_powers(params)
313 if CAMBdata_gettransfers(byref(self), byref(params), byref(c_int(1 if only_transfers else 0)),
314 byref(c_int(1 if only_time_sources else 0))):
--> 315 config.check_global_error('calc_transfer')

File ~/CAMB/camb/_config.py:51, in _config.check_global_error(self, reference)
49 reference = ''
50 if err:
---> 51 raise CAMBError(reference + '%s' % err)
52 else:
53 raise CAMBError(reference + 'Error code: %s' % code)

CAMBError: Error in Fortran called from calc_transfer:
Dverk error -3: the subroutine was unable to satisfy the error requirement with a particular step-size that is less than or * equal to hmin, which may mean that tol is too small--- but most likely you've messed up the y array indexing; compiling with bounds checking may (or may not) help find the problem.

However, there is no error in getting background results. Please help me in this regard

Antony Lewis
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Re: dverk -3 error

Post by Antony Lewis » February 27 2023

It probably means that your modifications to the perturbation equations are inconsistent, or that your background change has messed up the perturbation evolution (e.g. sharp steps, or big change to standard evolution)

Sunanda Dey
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Re: dverk -3 error

Post by Sunanda Dey » March 04 2023

Thank you. the issue has been solved.

Jose Lozano
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Re: dverk -3 error

Post by Jose Lozano » October 12 2023


How did you solve the issue? I have encountered the same problem

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