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COBAYA: error with evaluate sampler

Posted: January 18 2023
by Ali Rida Khalife
I'm running COBAYA with the evaluate sampler to check why some of my runs are taking too long on a computer cluster.
After loading correctly the theory code(either CLASS or CAMB), the likleihoods and after setting up reference points, I get the following error:
[0 : samplecollection] *ERROR* Output file Check_Speed/CAMB.1.txt already exists (report bug)
while the code is calculating the evaluation time.
Does anyone know why this is happening and how to solve it?
I'm using the following in my .yaml file(the part that I guess is relevant for the question):

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output: Check_Speed/CAMB
timing: True
debug: True
resume: True
Help is much appreciated!

Re: COBAYA: error with evaluate sampler

Posted: January 19 2023
by Antony Lewis
According to the message this is a bug, so please submit an issue on github.