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CosmoMC: segmentation fault after fixing a deallocation issue

Posted: August 08 2022
by Agne Semenaite
I am trying to run cosmoMC for some extended cosmologies and was running into a deallocation issue solved here:

I implemented the change in Calculator_CAMB, as described, and that seemed to solve things. However, after I try to re-start these chains from the checkpoint, I get a segmentation fault. This seems to happen after the .log files are updated to "restarting from checkpoint" and after having calculated a couple of points (which are, however, not added to the chain .txt files).

If I instead start from the checkpoint with an older compilation of cosmomc, without the fix for the deallocation, the chains run okay.

I also got a segmentation fault when trying to run a minimiser with the updated cosmomc version.

If anyone has any ideas about what might be wrong here, I'd appreciate any help!