Non-Limber on Matter-Matter (Counts-Counts) Angular Power Spectrum

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Cristian Viglione
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Non-Limber on Matter-Matter (Counts-Counts) Angular Power Spectrum

Post by Cristian Viglione » June 10 2022

I'm using CAMBS sources to calculate matter-matter correlations in Cls and I would like to use non-Limber to perform the calculation. I'm using the python wrapper in version 1.3.5 but when I compare the results with limber_window True and False they seem to be identical (I'm using a value of 0 for limber_phi_lmin). I read in the documentation that some cases, like CMB lensing, ignore the limber_window parameter, so I was wondering if this is the case for source correlations.

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from camb.sources import GaussianSourceWindow, SplinedSourceWindow

ls=  np.arange(2, lmax+1)

pars = camb.CAMBparams()
pars.set_cosmology(H0=67.74, ombh2=0.0486*0.6774**2, omch2=(0.3089-0.0486)*0.6774**2)
pars.InitPower.set_params(As=2e-9, ns=0.9667)
pars.set_for_lmax(lmax, lens_potential_accuracy=1)
pars.Want_CMB = True 
pars.NonLinear = model.NonLinear_both
pars.SourceTerms.counts_redshift = False
pars.SourceTerms.counts_velocity = False
pars.SourceWindows = [GaussianSourceWindow(redshift=0.5, source_type='counts', bias=1, sigma=0.01, dlog10Ndm=0.4)]

#Limber results
pars.SourceTerms.limber_phi_lmin = 0
pars.SourceTerms.limber_windows = True

results = camb.get_results(pars)
cls = results.get_source_cls_dict()

plt.loglog(ls, cls['W1xW1'][2:lmax+1], label='limber', c='g')

#Non-Limber results
pars.SourceTerms.limber_windows = False
results2 = camb.get_results(pars)
cls2 = results2.get_source_cls_dict()

plt.loglog(ls, cls2['W1xW1'][2:lmax+1], label='exact', c='r', ls='--')

plt.title('Autocorrelation Matter-Matter Cl z=0.5$', size=18)
plt.xlabel(r'$\ell$', size=18)
plt.ylabel(r'$\ell(\ell+1)C_\ell/2\pi$', size=18)
plt.xticks(fontsize = 14)
plt.yticks(fontsize = 14)
plt.legend(prop={'size': 16})
The attachment fig1.png is no longer available
I'm comparing the CAMB code to the Core Cosmology Library (CCL) since the latter does not have a non limber calculation yet and I find that CAMB produces a boost on the signal at lower l<10 in comparison to CCL when using the same conditions. So probability, this has to do with CAMB always using non limber for source correlations, could this be the case?
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Thank you!

Antony Lewis
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Re: Non-Limber on Matter-Matter (Counts-Counts) Angular Power Spectrum

Post by Antony Lewis » June 11 2022

I think it always uses non-limber for scales that are not much smaller than the window width. With limber_window=F it should not use limber on any scale.

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