Using Montepythin covmat with Cobaya

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Tristan L Smith
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Using Montepythin covmat with Cobaya

Post by Tristan L Smith » May 17 2022


I am running Cobaya but would like to use an initial covmat produced by a Montepython run. When I try to just include it as the covmat, the run fails and I get the error:
is not a positive-definite, symmetric square matrix
. I know the covmat is positive definite, symmetric, and square (it comes from a very well converged MP run).

Any insights on why this error is occurring and how it may be addressed would be appreciated!


Jesus Torrado
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Re: Using Montepythin covmat with Cobaya

Post by Jesus Torrado » May 18 2022

Hi Tristan,

Can you post the matrix, please?

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