Cobaya: memory leak on openmpi

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Juan Cruz
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Cobaya: memory leak on openmpi

Post by Juan Cruz » May 03 2022

I am experiencing memory leaks while using Cobaya without even using external likelihoods. I am working in Mac OS Monterrey, have installed gcc and openmpi in their latest versions with brew and am using an Anaconda environment having python 3.8 and the mpi4py package. Running the "leaks" command on top of cobaya-run shows no leaks when run without parallelization. However with mpirun it does leak. I can run within an Anaconda environment using instead mpich and mpi4py with no leaks. Testing with the openmpi supplied by anaconda (and removing brew's) creates leaks again, is this a known issue or is it perhaps just my setup. Could anyone else confirm? I would like to use openmpi instead of mpich because of other software.

Teeraparb Chantavat2
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Re: Cobaya: memory leak on openmpi

Post by Teeraparb Chantavat2 » May 16 2022

This is a pretty common issue with openmp. You may need to check your stack size by running the command in your terminal

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ulimit -s
It will show the stack size in kilobytes. If it is not enough you can increase your stack size by running the command

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ulimit -s <your stack size>
Try to run the program again. Hope it will help

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