CMB marginalized lensing dataset question

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Tristan L Smith
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CMB marginalized lensing dataset question

Post by Tristan L Smith » April 24 2022


I am doing some analyses with the CMB marginalized lensing likelihood and I need to clarify the difference between the different datasets that are available. I am not sure what the designation 'ndclpp' and 'ndclpttptt' refer to; I imagine it has to do with which maps are used in the estimate of the lensing potential power spectrum. In Cobaya the default is 'ndclpp', and if this is the polarization-only estimate, I would be confused because this has much less information than estimates that include temperature maps.

If you are able to clarify their meanings, can you also list any references that specifically discuss what data went into producing these files?



Antony Lewis
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Re: CMB marginalized lensing dataset question

Post by Antony Lewis » April 25 2022

The first is joint T+P (the "MV" estimator), the second is just the TT estimator.

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