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CosmoMC: restarting MPI run?

Posted: September 20 2005
by Christophe Ringeval
Hi all,
does anyone knows if it is possible to restart a MPI run with cosmomc from a previous MPI run, e.g. by using the "continue_from" switch?
In the sense that each freshly started chain would be the continuation of the corresponding MPI-chain of the former run?

Re: restarting MPI cosmomc run?

Posted: September 20 2005
by Antony Lewis
Not sure if this works with MPI, seems to be missing some chain number tags in paramdef.F90. Should be quite easy to fix though... (email me for a fix).

For non-MPI runs:

Set the continue_from to the name of a terminated chain file, set a new root name, then re-start cosmomc. After it has finished you have to manually concatenate the new continued chain sample .txt files with the old one. You might also want to set the covariance matrix from the original chain depending on how far they got