CAMB: output for different a and k

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Zhuangfei Wang
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CAMB: output for different a and k

Post by Zhuangfei Wang » October 09 2021


I was trying to output the scale factor \a and k modes as well as other evolutionary quantities in CAMB. The way I have been using is to write them out from the subroutine 'derivs', but this will print out many different values of the variables with the same \a for different k modes, because the subroutine 'derivs' will be called many times in the loops for both \a and \k, which is not what I expect. So I was just wondering how to output \a and \k independently from a place outside the subroutine 'derivs' and 'dverk', such that I could see the dependence of the other variables on \a and \k separately? Thanks a lot.


Antony Lewis
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Re: CAMB: output for different a and k

Post by Antony Lewis » October 11 2021

Easiest to use the python version, see the examples in the example notebook.

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