Getdist: parameter name not found: f_ede

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Omar Ramadan
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Getdist: parameter name not found: f_ede

Post by Omar Ramadan » September 05 2021

I'm trying plot the contours for the MCMC results of my model generated by cobaya sampler through classy and getdist is failing to find two of my model parameters. I defined them in the .yaml file as follows:

latex: f_\mathrm{ede}
latex: z_\mathrm{ede}

I also checked my chain files and I found both parameters listed with the same names and their corresponding values. I'm loading my sample using:

settings = {'ignore_rows' : 0.3, 'smooth_scale_1D' : 0.3, 'smooth_scale_2D' : 0.4}

#load samples from the chain folders
samples = loadMCSamples('/directory/to/chains', settings=settings)

One thing to note is that Getdist generates the plots and it works well without any errors if I got rid of the 'ignore_rows' option which I use to remove the burn-in. The model has more parameters that were implemented in CLASS and getdist doesn't seem to have a problem with any other parameters. Any idea on what might be going on here?

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