calling equations module in quintessence file

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Jiwon Park
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calling equations module in quintessence file

Post by Jiwon Park » August 20 2021

Dear all,

Is there a way to call variables from the file equations.f90 in DarkEnergyQuintessence.f90? I want to use built-in functions for quintessence rather than writing codes from the first step. As the quintessence file is first compiled before equations.f90, when I try to use the module in DarkEnergyQuintessence.f90,

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    use equations, only : grhoc_t
it gives the following error:

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Fatal Error: Cannot open module file ‘equations.mod’ for reading at (1): No such file or directory

Antony Lewis
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Re: calling equations module in quintessence file

Post by Antony Lewis » August 21 2021

You can't have circular module dependencies. The idea is to derive a new class from one of the exiting ones, making the changes you want. Whether that will work depends on whether the current methods are sufficient for the changes you want to make, otherwise modifications may be needed.

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