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Getting input parameters files respectively for CAMB and CLASS to produce similar power spectra

Posted: June 26 2021
by Fabien Dournac

I need to test the consistency about the comparison between matter power spectrum and angular power spectrum respectively for CAMB and CLASS.

Could anyone provide examples of quasi-similarity for these 2 kinds of power spectrum, I mean to get input parameters files for CAMB and CLASS which
allow to reproduce the same power spectrum for matter density and angular temperature fluctuations power spectra ?

The options in these 2 input parameters are not exactly the same and I need to get similar power spectra for both (actually, the differences should be very small). That's why I ask for classical or well known input parameters values for each code to generate a P(k) and C(l) almost identical, even the 2 codes are implemenet differently.

If there is a link that does it, I take it !