Official input files issue with CosmoMC for Planck

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Dournac Fabien
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Official input files issue with CosmoMC for Planck

Post by Dournac Fabien » May 02 2021


I would like to plot a large number of chains (128 with MPI) but in the context of Planck (2018).

1) Anyone could provide me please a valid/template "params_generic.ini" input file to estimate the cosmological parameters in LCDM standard model, but with Planck data.

2) I tried to do a first run with 7 parameters but constraints are tool arge. generates :

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Removed 0.3 as burn in
Number of chains used =  128
 var(mean)/mean(var), remaining chains, worst e-value: R-1 =       0.00007
RL: Thin for Markov:  132
RL: Thin for indep samples:   132
RL: Estimated burn in steps:  264  ( 78  rows)
using 34403516 rows, 7 parameters; mean weight 3.3748598835072556, tot weight 116107046.0
Approx indep samples (N/corr length): 2606999
Equiv number of single samples (sum w)/max(w): 879599
Effective number of weighted samples (sum w)^2/sum(w^2): 18154110
Best fit sample -log(Like) = 0.000000
Ln(mean 1/like) = 2.906895
mean(-Ln(like)) = 1.000336
-Ln(mean like)  = 0.693448

Where are stored the output figures once GetDist gives again hand ? I have set :

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#set no_plots=F if you want plot_data generated.
#(you can now plot without pre-generating plot_data files)

#if no_plots=F, make_plots=T will produce pdf from each generated plot script
make_plots =T
3) So ideally, if a template/standard distparams.ini file could be sent or shared by someone, this would be fine.

Best regards

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