test.ini run error

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Trupti Vijay Patil
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test.ini run error

Post by Trupti Vijay Patil » January 18 2021

I want to use test.ini in CosmoMC using mpirun -np 5 ./cosmomc test.ini command. After editing test_ini file to run a sample I get the following error:

ryzen@ryzen-System-Product-Name:~/CosmoMC$ mpirun -np 5 ./cosmomc test.ini
[0] MPI startup(): I_MPI_PM environment variable is not supported.
[0] MPI startup(): Similar variables:
[0] MPI startup(): To check the list of supported variables, use the impi_info utility or refer to https://software.intel.com/en-us/mpi-library/documentation/get-started.
Number of MPI processes: 5
Random seeds: 17032, 23272 rand_inst: 2
Random seeds: 17232, 23272 rand_inst: 4
Random seeds: 17332, 23272 rand_inst: 5
Random seeds: 16932, 23272 rand_inst: 1
Random seeds: 17132, 23272 rand_inst: 3
Using clik with likelihood file ./data/clik_14.0/hi_l/plik/plik_rd12_HM_v22_TT.clik
cldf_open_sub(../src/cldf/cldf.c:108)::Error -1234 (cannot stat file (error -1))

I am trying to resolve this issue but couln't fix it. Can someone help me with the problem?
Thank you.

Forrest Lee
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Re: test.ini run error

Post by Forrest Lee » January 06 2022

Dear Trupti, I just met the same error when running CosmoMC, could you tell me your solution to fix this problem?

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