COSMOMC: Problem on computing tensor

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Jun-Qing Xia
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COSMOMC: Problem on computing tensor

Post by Jun-Qing Xia » September 10 2005

Dear all,

I use the default code. Now I want to consider the tensor. When I set compute_tensors = T in params.ini, r10 is strangly equal to zero in the file_root.txt file. Which parameter should I modify besides compute_tensors when I want to compute tensor?
Thank you!

Jun-Qing Xia

Antony Lewis
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Re: COSMOMC: Problem on computing tensor

Post by Antony Lewis » September 10 2005

You need to vary the tensor/scalar ratio - parameter 12 in params.ini otherwise it will be fixed to zero. You may also want to vary the spectral index, parameter 9.

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