CLASS: n(z), 'selection_mean' 'selection_width' for convergence power spectrum

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Charlie Mpetha
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CLASS: n(z), 'selection_mean' 'selection_width' for convergence power spectrum

Post by Charlie Mpetha » January 08 2021

Hi all,

I'm trying to compare an implementation of the integral for calculating the convergence power spectrum,
[math] ,
with CLASS's (v2.9.4) output, for a given source number density.

I'm struggling to understand the role played by the selection type in CLASS ('dirac', 'tophat', 'gaussian') and the selection mean and selection width. It seems these values need to be set - it is not enough to only pass the n(z) file using 'dNdz_selection'.

I understand their use for tomography with different bins with a certain redshift and its uncertainty, but not when I want to calculate a single [math] over the whole survey depth, as in the integral.

Apologies for my ignorance - any help would be appreciated!


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