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Space not wanted between 2 sigma contours and surface of these contours

Posted: September 15 2020
by Dournac Fabien

I am faced to a strange behavior. Using :

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g.triangle_plot([matrix1, matrix2],
                filled = True,
                legend_labels = [],
                contour_colors = ['darkblue','red'],
                line_args = [{'lw':2, 'color':'darkblue'},
                {'lw':2, 'color':'red'}]
If I zoom much larger, I get the following 2 sigma contours (blue) and light blue surface associated to this 2 sigma :


If you look at better, you can see that I get the same issue for 1 sigma red contours and light red surface associated.

From you, what is the cause of this slight shift between areas and effective contours ( 1 sigma and 2 sigma) ? I expected to have the contours lines surrounding perfectly the surfaces.