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Help with getting CMB Transfer Functions in CAMB

Posted: June 24 2020
by Md Ishaque Khan
I have currently installed CAMB and have been trying to find a suitable way to access the CMB transfer function that convolutes with the Primordial Power to yield C_l, which is the Delta(l,k) matrix possibly.

I am using CAMB 1.1.3, and was looking for the CAMB_GetTransfers according to the Readme document for Fortran, but haven't been able to find such a subroutine in CAMB. Although, I am guessing the subprogram could be a part of CAMB_GetResults; but, being new to this kind of code, I am having some trouble understanding how to do it.

I will be highly obliged if you may be able to spare time to reply to this post.

Thank you,