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CAMB: CosmoRec query

Posted: June 17 2020
by Luke Hart
Dear Ant,

I'm just moving my version of CosmoRec/RF++ over to the latest version of CAMB and before I do the majority of writing, I just wanted to check a couple of things. Specifically, I see that the Recombination module exports the spin temperature. Will CosmoRec work without the T_S calculation considering we don't need to work out the spin temperature?

Also, are the time accuracy parameters that are modifiable now in PyCamb also variable in CAMB as well or just the python module?
Just wanted to check


Re: CAMB: CosmoRec query

Posted: June 18 2020
by Antony Lewis
Recombination classes don't have to implement Ts if they don't want to (as with CAMB's current CosmoRec class).

The params.Accuracy parameters are the same in fortran and python (Python just wraps the Fortran type).

Re: CAMB: CosmoRec query

Posted: June 28 2020
by Luke Hart
Thanks Ant :)