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ifort not found when configuring plc-3.01

Posted: April 30 2020
by Bahia Silakhal
Dear COSMOMC users
I have downloaded recently parallel_studio_xe_2020_update1_cluster_edition, in my laptop in linux (ubuntu 18.04) to use intel fortran.
In my .bashrc the environnment script by doing source source /opt/intel/parallel_studio_xe_2020.1.102/bin/ intel64.
I checked if ifort is working by a simple helloworld program and test openmp_sample.f90 program and it works and got results.
Then I tried to exploit Planck likelihood 2018. I tried to configure plc-3.01 using
sudo ./waf configure --lapack_mkl=$MKLROOT --lapack_mkl_version=10.3 --install_all_deps
I got a message that ifort not found.
Before that I configured and installed cfitsio with no problem.
Could someone help me solving this issue?
Best regards