CAMB: magnetic matter power spectrum

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Leon Weber
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CAMB: magnetic matter power spectrum

Post by Leon Weber » February 04 2020

Hi all,

I want to recreate and adapt the calculations of the matter power spectrum for different magnetic settings like the field strength and the spectral index similar to the work of Shaw and Lewis (2012) (
In there they stated that they modified CAMB (Feb-09 version) by changing the equation and inidriver files. I used the exact same version and substituted the default files by the provided files before "making" Camb. When I now calculate the matter power spectrum, the amplitude of the lines aswell as the shape of the nonlinear effects are not the same (there is no cut-off at k ~ 10) . My question would be how to weight the spectras by the appropriate amplitudes and summations to get the same results .


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