New getdist no longer produces data for plots?

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Sunny Vagnozzi
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New getdist no longer produces data for plots?

Post by Sunny Vagnozzi » November 07 2019

Hi Antony and all,

I've run a couple of chains with the latest version of CosmoMC and analyzed them with the latest getdist as usual:

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python python/ distparams.ini chains/root
Getdist works fine in producing the usual useful files (e.g. root.margestats) and convergence diagnostics. However, I also noticed the message
WARNING:root:plot_data_dir is no longer supported by getdist, value ignored
As a result, Getdist seems to no longer produce the data used to produce the contour plots. For instance, files such as root_p_param.dat containing the (normalized) 1D posterior density for the parameter "param".

Is it indeed the case that these files are no longer produced (or have I done something wrong in using Getdist), and if so is there a way to revert to the previous behaviour where these files were produced, other than using an older version of Getdist? While the old Getdist used to produce a lot of ancillary files, some of them were actually useful beyond plotting purposes (e.g. the root_p_param.dat files I mentioned).


Antony Lewis
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Re: New getdist no longer produces data for plots?

Post by Antony Lewis » November 07 2019

It was removed, you should be able to make all relevant plots and get relevant data via the python interface, e.g. using

Jun Wang
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Re: New getdist no longer produces data for plots?

Post by Jun Wang » April 06 2022

You could write a python script

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from getdist import plots
You could also use getdist-gui >> Data to check those informations

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