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Modify the multipole range of the polarization Planck likelihoods

Posted: July 08 2019
by Anton Chudaykin
Is it the way to modify the multipole range of the full Planck likelihood including polarization plik_dx11dr2_HM_v18_TTTEEE.clik similarly to 1807.06209 -- l<800 and 800<l<2500. When I resort to the standard procedure via clik_change_lrange I get

File "./clik_change_lrange", line 141, in <module>
File "./clik_change_lrange", line 136, in main
File "./clik_change_lrange", line 63, in change_smica
assert hascl[1:].sum()==0,"do not work yet on polar data"
AssertionError: do not work yet on polar data

It worth nothing that the standard procedure works fine for TT likelihood.

Thank you in advance,