Getting the C_ell's from WL module

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Cristhian GQ
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Getting the C_ell's from WL module

Post by Cristhian GQ » May 01 2019

I was looking into the WL.f90 module to obtain explicitly the correlation function values. However, now I would like to plot C_ell kappa kappa against ell for example (the convergence power spectrum), but I cannot see clearly if this module obtain the C_ell's as a function of ell in the code. Does someone familiar with the code know if this is possible?

Thank you,
Cristhian Garcia.

Antony Lewis
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Re: Getting the C_ell's from WL module

Post by Antony Lewis » May 01 2019

There's no specific function to put out the C_L, but you could write it out as it is calculated, e.g. "cl_bessels" in wl.f90, or in the python version of the likelihood around here

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